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Can I view students' work?

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We have highlighted a number of Alumni who talk about their work. Also take a look at the graduation work of our last graduation year. We share our students' work through our socials, so be sure to follow @artemisacademie for inspiration.

What is a private college?

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Our education is not funded by the government. This is why it is referred to as non-funded education. Artemis Academie is accredited by the NVAO. This means that our education meets the qualitative standards and is therefore a recognized bachelor hbo education.

Is it possible to visit the academy?

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It is possible to visit our academy during the open days. Artemis Academie organises several open days in a year. For the exact dates, please see the event page.

When is the best time to register?

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We advise you to register before 1 July. At Academie Artemis, there are more candidates than we can accommodate. Therefore, be sure to register in time.

What prior education is required?

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The Bachelor's programme All-round Creatief Concept Developer requires at least mbo-4 or havo.

When can I expect the renewed part-time study programme?

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We are currently working on the development of a completely renewed course and study offer. The renewed programme consists of various courses of both short and long duration and will be launched at the beginning of 2023. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about developments.

Is there a selection procedure for Artemis Academie?

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To be able to start a study programme at Artemis Academie, you must have the required prior education and complete an admission assignment. More information can be found here.

If I have taken the orientation course, will I automatically be admitted to the study programme?

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No, a course is not considered prior education and therefore does not guarantee admission to the study programme. However, our experience is that students who have taken the orientation course have a greater chance of being admitted. More information on our courses can be found here.

Which study programme is eligible for an OV (public transportation) chip card and study advance?

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The bachelor all-round creative concept developer is accredited by the government, which means that you can apply for a study advance via DUO and an OV chip card.

Is Artemis a recognised higher vocational education (HBO) institution?

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In September 2009, the Artemis institute was designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as an institution for Higher Vocational Education. In March 2010, the All-round Creative Concept Developer Bachelor's programme was accredited as a recognised HBO bachelor's degree. In June 2022, the audit again yielded a very positive result. Students who follow the Bachelor's programme receive a recognised HBO diploma upon graduation.

I would like to purchase a laptop, which one is suitable?

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It is important that you have a laptop with a good graphics card, a strong processor (i7 or i5) and sufficient memory. Any computer specialist store can advise you on this. Indicate that you will be working with design programmes such as Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. Your lecturer will announce specific information about the required software at the beginning of the year.

Are the study programmes and/or courses also taught in English?

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The basic teaching language is Dutch. Foreign students will have to have a demonstrable and sufficient command of the Dutch language. Good language proficiency at the HBO level is essential.

Is 16 years old too young for an all-round creative concept developer student?

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The average age of Artemis Bachelor's students is around 18 years old. For admission, the same criteria are assessed for all students.

I am already a bit older. Is the study programme suitable for me?

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Talent and originality are more important than age. Many students change career direction during the programme, taking on assignments from professional practice or changing jobs.

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