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Cookie Policy

1. General

This cookie policy applies to the website of:

Artemis Academie b.v.
Prinsengracht 400
1016 JB Amsterdam

Hereinafter referred to as "Artemis Academie".

2. A Cookie, what is that?

A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on your computer or mobile device when visiting our website. This text file stores information that may include data about your identity, preferences (e.g. language preferences), location, etc. When you then revisit the website later, this cookie is sent to the website again. In this way, the website recognizes your browser and your language preference, for example, can be remembered. The main purpose of cookies is therefore to improve the user experience.

Cookies usually also have an expiration date. For example, some cookies are deleted automatically when you close your browser (so-called "Session Cookies"), while others remain on your computer or mobile device for a longer period of time, sometimes even until you delete them manually (these are called "Permanent Cookies").

3. Who sets these cookies?

A distinction is made between "First Party Cookies" (First Party) and "Third Party Cookies" (Third Party):

- First Party Cookies

These are cookies that Artemis Academy places and manages. They are specific to our website.

- Third party cookies

These are cookies that a third party places and manages. They are placed during your visit to our website and ensure that certain data is sent by your visit to our website to third parties such as Google.

4. What types of cookies does Artemis Academy use and what are they used for?

Artemis Academy uses three types of cookies on its website:

1. Essential cookies

These are cookies that ensure that the Artemis Academy website works properly. They control basic functions such as page navigation, security and loading time.

2. Functional cookies

These are cookies that remember your preferences so that, for example, you do not have to re-enter your language and other local settings each time you visit the website.

3. Analytical cookies

These cookies collect information anonymously, such as the length of your website visit and the pages you visited. This data is then used for our statistics. This way we measure the performance of our website and improve your user experience.

5. How can I disable certain cookies?

You can disable certain cookies or change your preferences at any time by clicking the "cookie preferences" button.

Do you want to delete certain cookies that have already been placed? You can, but please note that some parts/options of the website will then no longer be available.

If you still wish to change the settings, you can do so via the browser settings. More information on how to disable cookies or manage cookie settings for your browser can be found via the list below:

6. Privacy Policy

We recommend that you also read our privacy beleid carefully. After all, our cookie and privacy policies are related. Sometimes we use cookies to collect certain information about the use of our services. Our privacy policy tells you what personal data we may collect from you, how we collect it, for what purposes we collect it and how we intend to handle it.

7. Can this cookie policy change?

This cookie policy may be changed from time to time in the event that new applications are developed, our services require it or applicable law requires it. We will notify you when there are significant changes and seek your consent when necessary.

8. Questions or comments?

If you still have questions or comments about cookies after reading this cookie policy, please contact us at info@artemisacademie.nl.

This cookie policy was created on 03 November 2022.