Ontwikkel je creatieve toekomst bij Artemis Academie! Bachelor of Arts in Allround Creative Concept Development. Schrijf je nu in!

Orientation course

The course immerses you in the extensive creative field. You will be taken step by step into the working method of an all-round creative concept developer. Furthermore, during this course you will learn what mentality, motivation and attitude you need to have to succeed as a creative


How to develop, realize and communicate a concept. By doing you discover where your interest or strength lies. Each lesson introduces you to a different aspect of the creative field and teaches you all the steps to achieve an all-round creative concept.


The foundation for every concept is trend research. What trends do you identify and what needs do they evoke? You learn to develop visual language that matches the target group you want to reach. In the lessons you will learn all the steps to create a fully-fledged concept with a strong brand idea and unique visual style. Something that lasts.

We offer two different orientation courses.

If you are still orientating yourself in the creative field, then the Orientation Course is for you. In 5 lessons of 6 hours you will be introduced to the various aspects of the creative field. You can use the work you create in the course for your portfolio. Whatever your plans, through this course you have learned to look at the world with different eyes and experience that the creative field has a lot to offer professionally, but also personally.

The Orientation Course+ is especially intended for those interested in our Bachelor's degree in All-round Creative Concept Developer. Participation in the admission proces is included in this course variant. In 10 lessons of 3 hours you will get to know Artemis and get a better idea of what you can expect from the bachelor's program. In lesson 10 you will receive an explanation about the admission assignment, lesson 11 is all about putting together your portfolio and the 12th lesson is the admission.

“Don't underestimate what you are capable of”

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What you create in the orientation course can go straight into your portfolio, for example for admission to Artemis.