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The intimacy of a town, inspiration of a metropolis

Artemis Academie is the college for trend forecasting | style | art direction. Out of our particularly strong ties with the business world, this future-proof profile was born. In the coming decades, we will therefore deliver the most relevant creative concept developers in the creative industry. True innovators; inspiring people with a vision.

Safety of a small intimate school

With only 80 students per year, we keep it small and intimate. After a while, everyone know will know each other. We gladly do each other a favour and help each other further. It gives us time and space for personal development, an essential part of the creative process.

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Artemis Academie is a private training institute for higher vocational education in the creative industry. We have been making an impact on the creative industry since 1988. We started as educator of all-round stylists and have evolved into educators to all-round creative concept developers. This is the result of our close collaboration with people, the market and society.

When you realise that the creative industry is one of the fastest growing and most impactful sectors in the Netherlands, then as an academy with creative education you have to connect seamlessly with the ever-changing economy. This requires a sharp focus on the outside world, because if we understand it better, we will develop better education and services. Based on research among students, the business community, teachers and alumni, we gained the insight that Artemis has become so much more than all-round styling in recent years. Everyone unanimously agrees that the Artemis curriculum has evolved, so the naming no longer suited the content of our curriculum. From now on, we will continue with three focus areas: trend forecasting, styling and art direction.

So from now on, we will shout it from the rooftops. Artemis is the college of trend forecasting, styling and art direction. With these disciplines, we train students to become all-round creative concept developers, and they will then receive a Bachelor of Arts. In the first two years, students learn to make connections between trend forecasting, styling and art direction. In the third year, the student focuses on one of the three focus areas, developing specific competences with a clear own style. With the focus areas, we lay a solid foundation that consists of research, conceptualisation, creation and communication. Hence the term all-round.

We are also working hard to develop Artemis Professionals for advanced courses and training. More on that later. If you cannot contain your curiosity, leave your e-mail address here. We will be happy to keep you informed of developments.

Whether it concerns the development of our bachelor's programme or Artemis Professionals, cooperation and co-creation is the breeding ground. It is the only way for us to ensure that our creative education meets the expectations of people, the market and society. We are increasingly working towards a collective and equal learning process. Together with students, lecturers, the business community and social organisations, we are constantly developing. This requires close collaboration and transparent communication. The recognition we receive for this shows that we, as a small-scale educator, are able to make a major impact on the creative industry.

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Our team

Our beloved Artemis team

The main task of the team is to monitor the quality of the various study programmes and courses. To do this, we closely monitor developments within the field, partly through up-to-date input from the large and diverse group of guest lecturers, in order to keep the courses up to date and to properly prepare creative talent for a successful career in the creative industry.

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Managing Director

Martijn Feringa

Eigenaar & Directeur

Danielle Robben

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Coordinator Teachers Agency

Femke Bex

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Education coordinator year 3 / business development

Suzanne van Heerde

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Facility staff member

Gilbert de Keijzer

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Assistant education coordinator

Ellis Heijs

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Sharing knowledge is the only way forward

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It works both ways.

Share your experience and stories with a hungry new generation. You get sharp questions and fresh perspectives in return. Contact us for a collaboration, internship, case study, position as a guest lecturer or a lecture.