Ontwikkel je creatieve toekomst bij Artemis Academie! Bachelor of Arts in Allround Creative Concept Development. Schrijf je nu in!

Our passionate Artemis team

Meet the team that monitors the quality of the bachelor and courses day in, day out. We closely monitor developments in the field. Through topical input from the diverse group of practical lecturers, the business community and social organisations, we align the study programme with expectations. In this way, we prepare creative talent for a successful career as a creative concept developer in the world of trend forecasting, styling and art direction.

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Managing Director

Martijn Feringa

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Coordinator Teachers Agency

Femke Bex

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Education coordinator year 3 / business development

Suzanne van Heerde

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Facility staff member

Gilbert de Keijzer

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Assistant education coordinator

Ellis Heijs

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Education coordinator training & courses

Annette Hendriks

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Coordinator communication & events / content creator

Danique de Groot

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Quality officer

Carla Butter

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Head of P&O / executive secretariat

Jeanine Franyutti

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University lecturer & researcher

Marthe Koetsier

Asset6346a400e6a3a9 04289389
Facility staff member

Same Gulshani

Asset6346a444a0e5e4 40885248
Education coordinator year 1

Tjitske Hemkes

Asset6346a49597a452 49126212
Education coordinator year 2

Eva van Vuuren

Asset6346a4c666f9e6 37177080
Coordinator internship office & registration office

Dick van der Vlies

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Student administration

Annemarie in 't Hol

Asset6346a5c6641737 11446559
Financial manager

Karin van Walderveen

Asset6346a62e6b0864 12156431
Education coordinator year 4

Steven van den Haak

Asset6360d3ac04e8d6 53273804
Administrative assistant teachers agency

Kyra Kroes

Asset6360d41eb875b6 81160233
University lecturer & researcher

Binkie Bloemheuvel