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Celine Vos
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From academy to practice

About the balance between creativity and applicability

The transition from Artemis to practice is a transition from creative freedom to making it applicable. From completely creative to a balance between creative and commercial. Sometimes this takes some getting used to, sometimes this gives the feeling of a step backwards, but it is above all: the stepping stone to further development and growth. Alumnus Celine Vos about her experiences: 'In my job, I do keep pushing those creative boundaries to be innovative and not fall into clichés, that has been my philosophy since I was at the academy.

During my studies, I did an internship at Crisp Sheets and I was able to stay on there; now I am permanently employed here as an Art Director. During my internship, I already experienced the difference between Artemis and the practice; the academy focuses on aesthetics, whereas at companies you have to deal with more frameworks. I had to give up a lot of creative freedom to make the work usable. The balance is also different, there is a commercial interest. At first, I found this difficult, compared to having so much freedom this felt like a step backwards; from design-related designing to content-related for social media, in my case. Here, I did push the creative boundaries to be able to present the brand in a unique and distinctive way. Luckily, I was given this freedom.

Nicely packaged message

In my current role, I try to pay attention to the message and the appearance in everything I do. Crisp Sheets' message is: 'We spend a quarter of our lives in bed. We believe that a bed should be the focal point of your bedroom; a reflection of your taste and personality with the comfort of a freshly made bed.' So I recently designed new packaging based on the idea that receiving your new bed linen should be a gift. And it comes with a guide to creating a dream bedroom and information on a healthy sleep routine. The image is also slightly different: no tightly made beds, but as it often looks at everyone's home in real life. But also bed linen in a dreamy setting, like in nature, which breathes tranquillity. This is how I try to give beauty a deeper layer and meaning.

Artemis students are all-round

Within Artemis I was in my element, I enjoyed it, I could put everything into it; I was challenged and developed my own style. The study is broad, you are trained to become all-round and that ensures that you can join a company in many positions. This is also an excellent opportunity for companies. This is what my colleagues at Crisp Sheets endorse: 'Artemis students are driven, initiating and excellent at conceptual thinking and creating.

Celine Vos [22] graduated from Artemis in 2021 and works as Art Director at Crisp Sheets.

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