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Axel de Wilde
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Research makes a design substantively stronger.

Everything has already been thought up before, so you have to look for the edges of contrasts. Connecting that which ordinarily does not belong together. Only then will you come up with something new. It's not just about the pretty picture; a campaign or design is successful if it has been developed on the basis of research and from a concept. It is the adagio of Axel de Wilde. In his teaching, he challenges his students: “Everyone takes pictures, but not everyone is a photographer.”

You design based on substantiation

At Artemis, there is a segmentation into fashion, styling/interior and media, but in the end, all students from all majors want to know how to set up a campaign and with which media. The answer to that: it depends on your target group and be sure to research it. The importance of researching your subject and substantiating it from a concept is Artemis’ guiding principle for all specialisations. As a Media teacher, I therefore put a strong emphasis on content development for a design and campaign with students, you cannot separate the content from the pretty picture; everyone takes pictures but not everyone is a photographer. Designing and therefore talking based on understanding and substantiation ensures a substantively stronger and more convincing message for the target group. Otherwise, the design will not communicate.

The discussions go beyond the opinions

As a teacher, I outline how to get from concept and product to a cross-media campaign. I offer students a view of the subject, provide guidance and tools for different perspectives and ensure that they do not get lost. Everyone creates preferences, for people, behaviour, social developments... research and insight make a design stronger in terms of substance, giving yourself creative freedom instead of limitation, and ensure that you end up with something new. The discussions, on substance, go beyond opinions and that benefits the work. I therefore challenge my students to think beyond the beaten path. I instruct them to start the creative process with the weirdest and craziest things. Everything has already been thought of before, so if you want to come up with something striking or eccentric in this day and age, you have to look for the edges of the contrasts and connect them together. That's how you come up with something new. Have a silent brass band walk through town instead of putting up abris for a campaign for a new mobile phone, for example. Then you create effect, a fad and therefore impact.

Axel de Wilde (36) is a Media teacher and co-founder/owner of Studio Raar: studioraar.nl [instagram] @studioraar


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