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A sense of safety

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The well-being of our students is one of the most important focal points in our education. Especially when you know that well-being promotes creativity even more. We attach great importance to the personal guidance of students. We have therefore developed this into a study career programme (SCP). Through the SCP, students take a more conscious approach to their personal development and growth.

The SCP programme is linked to the academic years (orientation, exploration, differentiation, positioning). It runs concurrently with competence development for research, conceptualisation, creation and communication.

During SCP moments, we create moments of reflection. Together with your study career coach, you not only reflect on your study progress, but your personal growth is also discussed. Each period, this is tested based on the dimensions below. You check in with each other to measure where you are at that moment.

Growth mindset

We teach our students that creative skills can develop over time.


We do everything we can to give you complete confidence in your own abilities. Small groups, personal attention and room for individual development are key.


We encourage collaboration because it is the best way to learn from each other. It always makes creations better.

Positive feedback

We encourage positive feedback. You will receive feedback on your strengths of theoretical, creative and practical skills. That does not include points of improvement, destructive criticism and negativity.


With us, you get the freedom to experiment with creative concepts. Experimentation leads to insights and insights lead to improvement.


To guarantee social safety, Artemis has an external confidential advisor, Clemence Hessels. Clemence can always be engaged for help and advice.

Diversity and inclusiveness

Diversity and inclusivity is the common thread that runs through all our social dimensions. We create and foster an environment where everyone can be themselves, become aware of their own behavior and show understanding for other people's norms and values.

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