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Student work

Sanne Ketelaar

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To be or not to be, that is not a question. It is not about choosing between extremes, but about the 'or' in between. Experiencing or beholding, radio waves or water flows, moving or animating, views or vistas, physical or digital. These are not choices, not questions – 'or' is the In-Between Space we find ourselves in. We have been doing that for almost 200 years, ever since we could move the physical into flat images. And yet the In-Between Space is immutably intangible.

TOTEMS makes an attempt to raise questions about this In-Between Space and shapes it. The animated totems and digital projections, placed within the physical reality of landscapes, symbolise the interaction between reality and digital and the years of accumulation of these.

www.sanneketelaar.com / @sanneketelaar_

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LocaOe: Normandië, France

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