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Rozemaryn Broekhuizen

BEELD2 Rozemaryn Broekhuizen


BUITEN HET BOEKJE (BEYOND THE PALE) is a healing self-help book created for the Human Concern Foundation, an institution that specialises in treating eating disorders. Recovering after treatment involves trial and error; you need to take time for that. This self-help book is a creative path to redemption and healing.

During my healing process from an eating disorder, I missed tools, from which my concept emerged. This self-help book is also a valuable book for Digital Natives who suffer from burnout complaints that cause them to quickly get in their heads and look for a new outlet.

Learn deeper and get to know your emotions in a creative and quirky way in combination with food, art and awareness. By paying more heed to your senses and emotions instead of thinking and talking, you will be increasingly in control of your own life. What you pay attention to grows!

rozemarynbroekhuizen@gmail.com / @rozyxdaan / @buitenhetboekje / Linked-In: Rozemaryn Broekhuizen

BEELD1 Rozemaryn Broekhuizen


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