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Student work

Ramon Verheij

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IETS NIEUWS (SOMETHING NEW) is a new interior collection for RAV Studio made from products from household waste. These include an all-in-one wall lamp and a coffee table.

A trend emerges when several people embrace 'something new'. Every calendar year, RAV Studio releases a new collection by upcycling residual products. What makes these collections special is that RAV Studio transforms waste products into luxurious interior items. It does this to make a statement about the enormous amount of household waste in the world and to save valuable resources. In 2022-2023, it was opted for solid and life-resistant materials, such as iron from old ironing boards, float glass from old windows and leather from the furniture industry. After analysing these 'raw materials', it turned out that these residual materials can still be used to make beautiful modern and timeless interior products.

info@ravstudio.nl / www.ravstudio.nl / @ravstudio_ / Linked-In: Ramon Verheij

Fotograaf > Casper Bijmans

Productontwikkeling lamp > Kunst & Licht Bilthoven

Designed by > Ramon Verheij for RAV Studio


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