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Student work

Nascha van der Meer

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SENSE RECOLLECTION for Arpa Studios is a multimedia brand experience that uses image, sound and touch in combination with the visual abstraction of a memory to make people with a smell disorder relive their smell.

Sense Recollection brings the associations and memories about different scents to life in a special way through image, sound and touch. The scent notes of the existing perfume ARCO SPETTRO were taken as a starting point for the audiovisual and tactile translation of the associations and memories of participants in the experiment.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have lost their sense of smell. Increasing air pollution in our cities also has a negative impact on our sense of smell. Research has shown that smell and memory are located in the same brain region and reinforce each other. With Sense Recollection, people with a smell disorder will relive their sense of smell again.

@naschamoras. / www.naschavandermeer.com / Linkedin: naschavandermeer

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