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Maud van Olst

Beeld 7 Landscape maud van Olst

Make learning fun for everyone

As a conceptual project for IKEA, I developed Skolbyggnad Småland: a complete school furniture package for school communities that offers recognition and understanding to neurodiverse children. It offers four different spaces where all archetypes are reflected. These spaces ensure a better learning process.

As a child, I had a hard time concentrating in class. Since the age of seven, I have known that I have dyslexia and dyscalculia. I felt different from the rest. Then I started studying neurodiversity. Neurodiversity gives shape and recognition to different ways in which a brain can be wired. This led to my research question: 'How can there be more recognition and understanding for neurodiverse children?' During my research, I discovered which learning disabilities there are. Then I started researching Kolb's learning styles. The dreamer, the doer, the thinker and the decision-maker.

maudvanolst@styling.com / @maudvanolst_styling / www. vanolstmaud.wixsite.com/styling

Concept & styling > Maud van Olst, 

Photography > Irina Bom, 

Models > Scott van Nouhuys/ Yuna En Kaouru Vree/ Vera Master/ Nova Hamawandi.

Beeld 3 Skolbyggnad Småland Maud van Olst
Beeld 4 Skolbyggnad Småland Maud van Olst


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