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Brittany-Grace Liverpool

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A journal where text, artworks and disk space, focused on positive health, are combined.

How do we deal with a feeling that is not always welcome? Is it embraced, talked about or rather rejected? ALL IN THE MIND is a notebook that encourages writing about feelings. It is accessible at times of stress, anxiety or a slump so that it can help process and/or counteract overwhelming, negative emotions.

Anxiety disorders are more common than you think. Without therapy, symptoms worsen extremely, gradually disintegrating the daily lives of individuals with anxiety. At the same time, the trends #ikgaoffline (#iamgoingoffline) and self-therapy are popular. Positive health is a form of healthcare that works to prevent and/or reduce mental symptoms. From that, this concept emerged.

06 48 78 38 85 / Linked-In: @brittany-grace liverpool / @brittanygraceliverpool / www.brittanygraceliverpool.com / brittany-grace@hotmail.com

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