Graduation expo 2023 x GLUE design route 14-17 September.

Open day 7 October 2023.

Student work

Anoushka Seelen

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#DESTUDENTENBANK (#THESTUDENTBANK) is an awareness campaign with a call to action that gives more depth to the work of the #nietmijnschuld (#notmydebt/#notmyfault) organisation.

The bad luck generation, as we are called, will soon take over the baton. But we are still getting screwed time and again by the government, which means we are not in a position to face a positive future. With this initiative, we are building a community to start the conversation about what solutions we can come up with ourselves to start our working lives debt-free. This community is an addition to #nietmijnschuld, an organisation that is committed to the fair compensation of our student debt. Whereas #nietmijnschuld mainly appeals to politics, #DESTUDENTENBANK focuses on the victims themselves and involves them in coming up with solutions.

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