OPEN DAY 18 NOV. '23

Come on over and see, hear and feel what Artemis is all about during the open day on November the 18th. 

Student work

Rosanne Mol

BIL 2 1

BIL - Boys In Lingerie.

BIL is a conceptual lingerie line for men for Bits Bodywear.

Men should be in lingerie and lingerie for men is the future. That is why we break through the standard norm that lingerie is only for women and show that things can be done differently. Men also feel sexy and comfortable in lingerie.

Currently, a lot of attention is being paid to self-love. This subject is especially popular among women, but among men, there is still a taboo. By adding a men's collection to Bits Bodywear, we are breaking this taboo. With three men's briefs, the jock, the briefs and the boxer, we are appealing to a new target group and making self-love among men a subject of discussion.

rosannemol@live.nl / +31637433158 / www.linkedin.com/in/rosannemol

Photography > Vincent Claus 

Model > Lucendrik Sterling



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