OPEN DAY 18 NOV. '23

Come on over and see, hear and feel what Artemis is all about during the open day on November the 18th. 

Student work

Pien Meeder



Nostos is a capsule collection and photo series with which I try to take everyone who thinks they need it back into his or her own head. Get lost in the happy moments of your childhood, to experience that positive energy and to take it with you in your hectic everyday life.

Pause for a moment. It is important for everyone to take a break from life sometimes. Because of all the hustle and bustle around us, we increasingly feel the need to escape. One way to do that is to reminisce about fond memories. When we think back to them, we experience nostalgia, which is a feeling that brings a lot of positivity.

pienmeeder@gmail.com / @pien.meeder / @studio.pienmeeder

@doortjelynn, @rutgerhannink, @mazarinehenninger


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