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Student work

Maud van den Broeke

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CEECEE is a platform for designers and start-ups in Zeeland.

Young and creative talent are leaving Zeeland en masse when they start their higher education. They seek out the vibrant life in the city and start a future career here, but moving back merely stays a desire. Where there is an abundance of authentic nature, the possibilities for the future are simply scarce.

The platform Ceecee aims to expand the creative industry. It wants to offer a future-rich living environment, combat the ageing population and put Zeeuws-Vlaanderen on the map in an innovative way. A place for creative people and exhibitions that blend into nature. This will give Zeeuws-Vlaanderen a new market with an enthusiastic public.

Create, inspire & exhibit!

info@maudvandenbroeke.nl / +31 6 52243123 / @maudvandenbroeke_ / LinkedIn: Maud van den Broeke

Cover concept book > Britt van den Broeke,

Models > Britt van den Broeke & Antoine Daelman.

Optie 2 2 E BEELD Maud van den Broeke vierkant
Optie 2 3 E BEELD Maud van den Broeke vierkant


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