OPEN DAY 18 NOV. '23

Come on over and see, hear and feel what Artemis is all about during the open day on November the 18th. 

Student work

Isa Eline Maresa Oorthuis


ARE.NA Nothing.to.lose

NOTHING.TO.LOSE is a fictional marketing campaign for Are.na that helps Amsterdam-based creatives curate their digital files. Their creation is so dependent on technology that it has disastrous consequences when it malfunctions or breaks.

Creatives regard files as ideas, and for fear of losing them, they save everything from scribbles to completed projects. This often backfires, as their files are scattered across more tools than they can count. As soon as they need to find something, it results in a hopeless search. Are.na brings the insight that saving everything is the same as losing everything. The platform enables creatives to store only what is of value to them, so they can go straight from idea to action, without losing anything.

isaoorthuis@gmail.com / +31 0637600629 / @ies.earhous


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