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Emke de Bever

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The online and offline worlds are increasingly merging together. In response to our increasingly digital world, there is a growing need for sensory experience. We want to feel, smell, play and experience again. It is time to kick our habit of excessive smartphone use.

From my interest in jewellery and a passion for handicrafts, I have developed a unique piece of jewellery as a product extension for Lush Cosmetics that stimulates various senses in a playful and nurturing way. The jewellery is inspired by the 17th-century French piece of jewellery; the chatelaine, and is an inspirational object for 'Young Creatives' as a substitute occupational accessory for the continuous grasp of our smartphones.

“Skip your phone and reconnect with your spirit trough tangibility.”

emkedebever@gmail.com / +31 636133092/ @emkedebever / Linkedin: @emke-de-bever

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