OPEN DAY 18 NOV. '23

Come on over and see, hear and feel what Artemis is all about during the open day on November the 18th. 

Student work

Anne-Mei Barbero



9 x 9 x 6 is a unique toilet space where you can quickly and effectively unwind.

That there is no nine-to-five mentality in China is common knowledge, but working hours in internet companies are so extreme that people speak of a 996 culture. A number of Chinese young adults are therefore not waiting for a change from the top down, but are trying to reduce the workload with a very unusual strategy. Young workers are rebelling against the Chinese working climate by being lazy, refusing overtime and hiding in the toilets.

The toilet is an important resting place for many people. It is a safe little room where you can unwind for a moment. So what if we turned those boring toilets into a special space where you can relax in an effective way?

annemei28@gmail.com / 0615395630 / @Xiu.xiu_styling


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