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Anita Kruk

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KRU is a tangible reminder of someone who is no longer around. It is an object made from the garments of the deceased.

Most clothes of people who have passed are thrown away. They are often the last tangible pieces that remind of the deceased and that is why they are often the most difficult for the relatives to say goodbye to. Processing the clothing into a tangible object, however, will keep memories alive and help with mourning. Beautiful memories are translated into the meaning the item of clothing had in someone's life, such as someone's favourite shirt or her wedding dress.

This project is related to the death of my own grandfather; it has helped me process my grief and be able to keep memories of him alive.

anita_kruk@hotmail.nl / https://anitakruk.cargo.site / @anitakruk / Linkedin: Anita Kruk

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