OPEN DAY 18 NOV. '23

Come on over and see, hear and feel what Artemis is all about during the open day on November the 18th. 

Student work

Aïse Jansen

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HOE OVERLEEF IK (HOW DO I SURVIVE) is BNN's indispensable platform for any young adult or anyone planning to become one.

Becoming an adult in these crazy times is not easy! The world is changing and so are you. There are so many things to worry about. Friends, debts, the environment, everything is getting more expensive and what about finding a job? What do you do if your loan ends soon and you have to start paying for everything yourself? The HOE OVERLEEF IK platform answers such questions and (hopefully) makes your life a little easier or better.

Soooo, How do I survive…?

aisejansen@hotmail.com / 0636419271 / www. aisejansen.com

4e beeld Aise Jansen
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