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Student work

Esmee Regter

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“Tot Zover, and beyond” is a concept created for funeral museum Tot Zover with the aim of reaching a young audience.

We do not often think and talk about death, even though this would improve our quality of life and prepare us better for the loss of our loved ones. Museum Tot Zover exists for this purpose. Located at De Nieuwe Ooster cemetery in Amsterdam, this museum exhibits anything related to funerals and death. It is important for the museum to reach a young audience, because this audience will decide what funerals will look like in the future. To accomplish this, I have created a route that will take you through the museum and the cemetery, guided by the four elements; water, fire, earth and air. Through Augmented Reality, you will be inspired about myths, stories and rituals centered around death from around the world.

esmeeregter@hotmail.com / www.esmeeregter.com / @esmeeregter

Met dank aan Laura Cramwinckel (kenniscentrum, educatie & funeraire academie Museum Tot Zover) en Nicky van Banning.


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