Come see, feel and hear what Artemis has to offer. You get a good impression of the atmosphere and we are ready to provide you with all the information about the study.

Practical information

In the orientation course, you will in 4 days (intensive) or 10 weeks (regular) go through all the steps to arrive at an all-round creative concept.

What you create in the orientation course can go straight into your portfolio, for example for admission to Artemis. You can use the STAP-budget for this course.

What will you learn?

The orientation course consists of hands-on and discussion lessons, given by professionals from the field. This is the structure of the course:

  • introduction
  • visual communication

  • trend research; people, market and society

  • marketing research; target audience and brand experience

  • concept development; for fashion, interior, hospitality, retail

  • realisation of the concept

  • promotion of the concept

What will you create?

During the course, you will get to work very practically on various assignments. Among other things you will:

  • create a trend report

  • translate trends into atmospheric image, colour charts, shapes, materials, designs and typography

  • develop a collection

  • make a poster and movie

Study load, materials and certificate

The orientation course is offered in two ways, so you can choose which form suits you best:

Regular variant

29 March to 7 June 2023
(10 weeks + May holidays)

Wednesday evening 18.30 - 21.30

costs: €999,-

Intensive variant

4 consecutive days, 6 hours a day

Monday-Thursday 09:30-16:00

dates: August 2023 (exact dates to be announced)

costs: €999,-

In addition to the indicated contact hours, you should assume approximately 4 hours of homework per week for the regular course. In the intensive course, all assignments are carried out during the lessons.

When you successfully complete the orientation course*, you will receive a certificate from Academie Artemis. This certificate does not give direct admission to the Bachelor's programme, but the course is a good preparation for admission.

*minimum 80% attendance and all assignments submitted.